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The right kind of care

As discussed in your initial consultation, it is not the laser that removes the ink - it's you. Giving your body, and the tattoo area, the right kind of care, will support a faster tattoo removal without infection. 

Ice ice baby

Keep the area as cool as possible. The skin has had an intensive heat treatment, apply ice packs over the dressing regularly over the next 48 hours or more. The more heat you can remove from the area, the better your tattoo will feel and heal.  

Resist the urge ... (don't scratch)

As will all skin healing processes, that urge to itch will be there. This is due to the inflammatory ‘cytokines’ your body produces to clean the area of foreign bodies (your shattered tattoo ink) or infection.

Apply ice to the area instead of scratching. Scratching can remove the top layer of skin and result in scaring. 

Don't go naked 

Keep the area covered for 48 hours after the treatment to allow for a sterile healing environment. Gently remove the dressing and clean the area with water alone (avoid high pressure showers) and pat dry. Do NOT use any soaps, body lotions etc. Apply a clean dressing for another 24-48 hours. If the removal site is in an area that is likely to rub on clothing etc, it is advisable to keep covered until the area has fully healed. Before dressing, apply an antiseptic powder.

Be cool

The treated area has undergone and intensive heat-based treatment. Introducing more heat increases the risk of blistering and heat related damage. This means:

  • Avoiding direct sunlight

  • Maintaining a cool body temperature

  • Avoiding exercise / activities that raise the bodies temperature

  • Avoiding overly hot baths / showers etc. 

Your body is your temple 

If you had ever considered a health kick, then now is the perfect time. The healthier your body, the more effective your tattoo removal will be. Top tips include:

  • Water. Keeping your body well hydrated helps your immune system to flush out toxins and build infection fighting red blood cells.

  • Avoid smoking, drinking and non-prescription drugs. These are all toxins that your body will have to fight harder to remove so won’t be able to focus on removing the ink from your skin. 

  • Exercise. From around a week after your removal procedure, exercise can help removal by increasing blood flow around your body.

Arm Tattoos
Skin Hydration

Stay cool

Drink water

Don't scratch

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